F1 2021 | Announce Trailer

    How far will you go before you reach your ‘Braking Point’? F1 ® 2021, arriving July 16 on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Go on an epic journey in ‘Braking Point’, our brand-new story mode, play co-operatively or competitively with a friend in the heavily requested two-player online Career, jump into the season’s action with Real-Season Start using real-time driver and constructor standings, and much more yet to be revealed!

    This is F1 ® 2021. See all the features here:

    Pre-order the Deluxe Edition and you’ll get seven classic F1 ® drivers for My Team, all to be unveiled very soon:

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    1. Here's hoping EA (proper noun) doesn't EA (verb) this too.
      Next thing you know, they'll start offering "Legendary" tracks like Monaco and Silverstone as an add-on pack for 19.99 each.
      Want the latest Mercedes W12? Have it for 9.99!!

    2. anyone see the hidden message about this being hamiltons last season and before you jump on the band waggon saying im crazy watch this again only thinking of hamilton listen to the conversation throughout and if it dosent click the first time watch it again

    3. This isn't trailer for Formula One, it's trailer for Soap Opera Drama One.
      Based on what does EA expect me to pre-order ?

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