Marvel’s Avengers Tachyon Anomaly Event – Trailer

    The Tachyon Anomaly Event has begun and will last until May 3!

    Play as more than one of the same Hero
    Special missions
    Animated nameplates
    More Tachyon Rifts



    1. Hey Xbox Crew! Can you put the Crew 2 on cloud pls, I own the game and I want it on cloud badly 😞 I want to record the Crew 2 game on my phone on cloud but it's not there. Please make the Crew 2 available for cloud gaming, it will really make my day

    2. This game has some of the most confusing marketing I’ve ever seen. Even after launch, I still don’t know if I want buy it on discount

    3. The 5 or so people that still play this now don't have to worry about their main being taken by someone else when the coop finally works.

    4. Just stop releasing updates the games already dead, grab that money used to make these updates and go develop another game.

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