MLB The Show 21 Launching into Xbox Game Pass on April 20th

    MLB The Show 21 will be launching into Xbox Game Pass on April 20th! It’s your turn to own The Show. MLB The Show 21 arrives on current and next gen platforms.



    1. Imagine ps and Xbox collabed to make the greatest console of all time. Game pass with spider man, god of war, uncharted and etc

    2. Слава Филу Спенсеру, Донн Мэттрик пытался уничтожить Xbox но ему не удалось!

    3. Having ps studios pop up in the beginning looks so weird. I wonder how it will feel when deadloop has xbox studios opening it on ps lmao

    4. Everyone: Imagine PS players reaction when, xbox logo appears while playing deathloop
      Xbox: Shows PS logo

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