Neverwinter: April Fowls Official Clucking Trailer

    Seems that something is afowl in Neverwinter, and it’s all centered around a poor civilian by the name of Earl, who has an unfortunate condition of turning everything he touches into chickens! Jump in and cluck around a bit, now through April 15th, for unique poultry-themed rewards.

    Now live on Xbox One.



    1. Sounds fun but unless I can build an actual chicken character and use it for an entire run, I'm not interested.

    2. Fun fact if this game released it would still be better than almost all Xbox exclusives

    3. Microsoft Xbox Series X

      Can lifespan Microsoft Xbox Series X be 33 years?
      That would be October 2056.
      For all new video games and update.

    4. Woulda been the best time to release footage of Fable reboot chickens and none of us would have known 😉

    5. I think the xbox servers just died I cant get on although it said I dont have xbox live but just used one of my 1 year membership

    6. When are games gonna stop saying they’re for Xbox One and for Xbox Series X? You can play all these on there, right?

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