Pre-Orders, Game Events, and New Reveals | This Week on Xbox

    This week we highlight some of the exciting Age of Empires news, check out new reveals like OlliOlli World and much more.
    0:00 Introduction
    0:13 Age of Empires IV
    0:48 Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition
    01:13 OlliOlli World
    01:30 RiMS Racing
    01:45 WRC 10
    02:00 Xbox Game Pass
    03:16 Knight Squad 2
    03:33 Enlisted
    03:51 Hood: Outlaws & Legends
    04:26 Mass Effect Legendary Edition
    05:00 NINJA GAIDEN Master Collection
    05:17 Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground
    05:38 Microsoft Flight Simulator
    06:07 Sea of Thieves
    06:30 Curse of the Dead Gods
    06:43 Ghostrunner
    07:04 Forza Street
    07:18 Rainbow Six Siege
    07:30 DC Universe Online
    07:46 World of Warships: Legends
    08:08 Apex Legends
    08:28 Destiny 2
    08:58 Monster Energy Supercross 4
    09:25 Games with Gold
    09:44 Free Play Days
    09:57 Paramount+

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    1. June 10th do i play ninja gaiden remaster or ff7 remake intergrade ps5 yuffie dlc? So hard to decide..

    2. Still waiting on these games being backwards compatible:
      Mortal Kombat 9 AKA Mortal Kombat
      Naughty Bear
      Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
      Midway Arcade Treasures 1, 2 and 3
      Capcom Classics Collection 1 and 2
      The Simpsons Hit & Run
      The Simpsons Game
      Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
      Those High Noon Transformers games
      (Yes, I'm aware of rights issues with some of these)

    3. Not so interested week this time, lets hope for some new good announcements in the future.

    4. Do you guys think an Xbox Series X would be okay horizontal, inside an open fronted cabinet with about 15cm either side for the intake/outtake, but only like 1cm above it?? I really want to get one, but I have so little space and I’m worried it will overheat lol

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