Rainbow Six Siege: Rainbow is Magic Event Returns | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

    Straight from your childhood and back to the battlefield, it’s the return of Rainbow is Magic! This time around, new weapon skins and a whole lot of color will be making an appearance. Play this limited time in-game event from March 30 to April 5.



    1. This game doesn't deserve to be named Rainbow Six. Tom Clancy would be spinning in his grave seeing this BS

    2. If ubisoft sees this please bring back dokters curse also maybe for custom game we could have an option to play on the og maps

    3. 地域選択かクロスプレイがなければ一生やらない、とのフレンドさんからひとこと(ミ´-ω-)

    4. The game went from realistic hostage rescue situation to edgy teens and white hair anime girl playing laser tag with sci-fi gadgets and now this, gotta love Ubisoft games…

    5. I’m tired of Ubisoft games having rainbows and unicorns. Remember when the Tom Clancy games were the realistic military simulators? I know I do.

    6. Some friends who never played r6 came over when this event first happened and it wasn't a good first impression and it was embarrassing

    7. My eyes bleeding… Tom Clancy's never will permitted this kind of thing with his name on.

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