Rainbow Six Siege: Rick and Morty Bundles Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

    Rick and Morty + Rainbow Six Siege = Sledge and Smoke Bundles coming soon, with more collaborations coming this year! Get Schwifty on 4/15.



    1. Siege isn't what it used to be. It's sad. They're selling out to multiple franchises. It really ruins the experience for me honestly. I don't want to see Pickle Rick running around in Siege. I know there have been silly skins before, but pickle rick? Really Ubi? What's next? Spongebob? Really milking this cow dry aren't you?

    2. What joke this franchise has become, lets milk the game for SIX years to shove skins and loot packs up everyones *!@

    3. Sledge and smoke doing their MVP animation with these uniforms? Does that mean that the update where you can have any uniform on and still have the MVP animation coming out soon? (Sorry for my English)

    4. Tom Clancy hates you Ubisoft.

      And by the way, for all the people being happy about's only in premium packs. Fork over the money fanbabies

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