Second Extinction Game Preview Trailer

    The big map dinosaur FPS. Second Extinction has today roared its way to Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass!



    1. Huge disappointment. But i'm grateful it's on game-pass so i was able to try it out. To really pay for this game would be an insult to real games!

      When politics gets into games it's really bad for gamers.

      There are so many checkmarks that have been hit the wrong way.

      Actually i got my emulator running and played Turok instead. Much more fun. They sure can't make the games as they used to!

      Next time Microsoft, get the franchise for either Turok or Aliens.

      This game could easily played out on LV426 the weather are as bad and the lizzards are running wild just like the aliens. And it would definitively been more fun!

    2. I genuinly don't know why cause I love shooting people, creatures, zombies or even animals in games, but shooting dinosaurs just feels wrong. Will be passing this one 😅

    3. Okay I haven’t seen any comments on this yet, but does anyone else’s controller vibrate like waaaay too much on this game?

    4. I feel like this game wouldve been perfect to do character customization considering the humor of it. Reminds me of Deep Rock Galactic dwarfs

    5. Where's the missing final fantasy games on Gamepass ? 13 trilogy ? 7 remake ? Cmon xbox get more japanese titles on Gamepass

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