Upcoming PlayStation Indies | PS4, PS5, PS VR

    Solve cases, defy gravity, build relationships, and play with your food in these seven upcoming indie titles for PS4 and PS5.



    1. How can you claim to support Indies when you shut down your stores for PS3, PSP and Vita with no notice given to indie devs? You had indie devs actively developing games for Vita. You even sold a Vita dev kit to a Vita dev only recently likely knowing full well you planned to shut down those stores.

    2. Please make Power Rangers VR game!!! I play Voltron VR Chronicles it sooo amazing!!! It does make me crying I forward POWER RANGERS VR!!!

    3. PlayStation can we get the Call of Dury : Black Ops Cold War for the April's PS plus free game? Please everyone want that game and a lot of people will buy the PS plus to get the game!!!

    4. Sony, are u insane? Closing ps3 store, clearly u don`t know that thousands off still p[ay on the best system of all ps is. people step up. let Sony know that a closing is a bad move.

    5. Я буду я этого ты говоришь потому что я не могу скачать игру которая которая Виртуальная Реальность не могу я скачать

    6. Almost 6 months later, and I can still not purchase a playstation 5 due to shortages and scalpers… ridiculous.

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