We Are The Caretakers | Xbox Announcement Trailer

    We Are The Caretakers is a new sci-fi squad management RPG set in an afrofuturist world coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in 2021. Grow a resistance of 70 unique characters to protect endangered animals and your planet from extinction. Deploy squads of Caretakers onto real-time strategy maps with RPG turn-based combat in either the story-rich campaign or through the challenging procedurally generated survival mode.

    Join the movement. Fight for our future. Become a Caretaker.

    Heart Shaped Games is proud to announce that 10% of game revenue will go to the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Rhino Recovery Fund.



    1. I don't know… Its good that you support animal protection, however, the game looks very cheap and mobile-like……Are you sure you want to release it on Xbox?

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