Xbox Game Show – Industry Icons are Put to the Test – Episode 1

    Join Jessica Chobot as she puts some of the gaming industries biggest names through the trivia gambit in episode 1 of You’ve Got Gameshow – Xbox Edition!

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    More info on our guests!

    Tim Schafer – President and CEO of Double Fine Productions Inc. Check out their upcoming title Psychonauts 2 here!
    Meggan Scavio – President and CEO of the Acdemy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS)
    Nathan Vella – Formerly co-founder and president of Capybara Games, currently working at Annapurna Interactive.





    1. Why do you have Meggan with the blm T hirt on the wall???? All LIVES matter would be better. I am on XBOX for relaxion not indoctrination. Get rid of the politics!

    2. Just keep it within the gaming industry please as far as contestants, don't start including outside people.

    3. I was very exited to check out this show until the introduction of meggan, black live matter shirt posted clear for everyone to see. I see enough of this everywhere else. STOP shoving ot down our throat's. Do your research on blm and you will not like them very much. Leave this out of gaming.

    4. Very fun. But pleeeease, don't do this final challenges giving to much points that the last placed person can jump to first

    5. I totally love it!!!! Can we do more with gaming celebrities like Phil Spencer, major Nelson , Jason Ronald among others. That would be absolutely fantastic!!!

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